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Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Integrat...
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Fill the gap between planning and doing with SSIS 2014 The 2014 release of Microsoft´s SQL Server Integration Services provides enhancements for managing extraction, transformation, and load operations, plus expanded in-memory capabilities, improved disaster recovery, increased scalability, and much more. The increased functionality will streamline your ETL processes and smooth out your workflow, but the catch is that your workflow must change. New tools come with new best practices, and Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Integration Services will keep you ahead of the curve. SQL Server MVP Brian Knight is the most respected name in the business, and your ultimate guide to navigating the changes to use Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services 2014 to your utmost advantage. * Implement new best practices for effective use of SSIS * Work through tutorials for hands-on learning of complex techniques * Read case studies that illustrate the more advanced concepts * Learn directly from the foremost authority on SSIS SQL Server Integration Services is a complex tool, but it´s the lifeblood of your work. You need to know it inside out, and you must understand the full potential of its capabilities in order to use it effectively. You need to make sure the right architecture is in place. Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Integration Services is your roadmap to understanding SSIS on a fundamental level, and setting yourself up for success.

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Das Ingenieurwissen: Technische Informatik als ...
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Das Ingenieurwissen: Technische Informatik: Hans Liebig/ Thomas Flik/ Peter Rechenberg/ Alexander Reinefeld/ Hanspeter Mössenböck

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Fair gehandeltes Öko-T-Shirt: IT-Afro
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Shirt mit dem Frisur-Konterfei von Moss, Admin bei Reynholm Industries.

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